Growing up on his Dad’s farm gave Bob plenty of chances to build things, but it was a school shop class that piqued his interest in carpentry as a career. In 1985, he began working for a small construction company as a laborer. He paid close attention to whatever he was helping with and quickly moved into the role of lead foreman. As projects grew and details increased, Bob thrived on the daily challenges.

In his role as a Superintendent, Bob appreciates the team approach that the crew here at Weaver takes toward jobs. This approach not only involves support and positive encouragement, but also the freedom to make decisions in the field. He enjoys the challenge of working with different people each day and the gratification of giving clients a top-quality product.

During his spare time, you can find Bob camping with his wife in their RV, hunting, hiking, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle—but his best days are when he’s able to spend quality time with his grandkids.